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Some and Any


1. When we use some, we are not interested in the exact number.
I have ten fingers (Not: I have some fingers)
I have some friends in Berlin

2. We use any in questions and negatives.
Are you in any photographs?
There aren't any people.

3. Notice the pronunciation of some and any.
/sam/ There are some flowers
/enI/ There aren't any plants

Más información
- Positive >
Some + Plural Noun
There are some flowers.

- Negative >
Any + Plural Noun
There aren't any cups

- Question >
Any + Plural Noun
Are there any books?

Si quieres realizar actividades sobre este tema pincha en el siguiente enlace: Some or any.

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Anónimo dijo...

k no entiendo nadaa

Esther dijo...

hii I and my son are learning English and i like your blog. thank you for you information. it´s a great help for us.
Kisses from México City.

Anónimo dijo...

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Hi! I really liked your blog. I¨m learning English and looking for interesting things to make my lessons funnier.